Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before Spring!

Four Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before Spring!

The signs of spring like blooming flowers, fresh leaves on trees, and baby birds chirping remind us that the dead of winter has passed and that an opportunity for refreshed life has come. Most people use this time to cleanse their homes of the old and bring in the new, the typical “spring cleaning.” An age-old tradition rooted in religion, cultural, and possibly linked to our biology.


But why wait for spring? Give your home a breath of fresh air with rich and refreshing stains! Here are four DIY projects you can do now to help spruce up your home before springtime.



Personalize Your Front Door


Welcome your friends and family to your home with a FRESH pop of color that’s not only inviting, but speaks your language! Doors are said to symbolize change and opportunity – what better way to refresh or reinvent your home's look than with a wood stain that reflects your personality. From blue to pink, green to yellow, there's no limit to your creativity. However, after your stain dries, be sure to add an exterior clear coat that will protect it against wear, slight scratches, and damage done by UV rays.


Flower Box + Markers

    Make sure your new blooms have a proper place to grow by creating a flower box for your windows or porch. Start by buying or constructing a box out of a couple pieces of wood. There's no wrong way as long as the container can hold dirt and is big enough for the plants to grow. Then here's where your creativity gets to flourish. Bring your box to life even before your flowers start to bloom by applying a colorful stain. Finish up your flower box by adding garden markers to show everyone what exciting blooms are in store for the upcoming season. Make them stand out even more by using different colors and by adding names for each seedling.



DIY Wine Rack

    Get ready to host spring and summer soirées with a new wine bottle holder that also doubles as a decorative piece for your kitchen. First, find a piece of wood that fits your space; a scrap of reclaimed wood works well. Second, apply a stunning shade of wood stain to match the rest of your kitchen décor. Next, attach newspaper holders to hold the wine. Make it even more special by adding a finish to the metal holders and a chalkboard sign at the top!


Window Sill to the World

    We bundle up when it’s cold, that’s why it’s no wonder we cover our windows and keep our blinds closed during winter. While it keeps us all cozy inside, it cuts out all the natural light. Help lighten up your world by transforming your window frame and sill with one of our 40+ Waterbased Stains. Keep your home looking fresh and inviting all year long by adding a warm tone or bright color to your window!


These are just a few of many ideas to liven up your home before spring. Make sure you always stain your projects with SamaN Stains to make your creations spark and to protect them for years to come. Check out our entire product catalog perfect for any DIYer!