You Don't Need Paint to Achieve Color

(SamaN 102 Turquoise)

We love the natural color of wood stain. If we didn't we wouldn't be in this business. Staining raw wood can not only provide a beautiful, natural coloration, but also bring out and highlight each piece’s unique grain pattern.

But natural color isn't just varying shades of browns and tans. Every color of the rainbow can be found in our natural world, and SamaN makes it possible for you to reflect those shades in your DIY projects.

(SamaN 115 Paprika)

SamaN stains come in all the colors of nature. Looking for a rustic look? Browns, tans, greys, and dark oranges produce a traditional, rustic aesthetic. Mirror the colors of the natural world with greens, reds, and blues. Or, push the boundaries of what is generally thought to be possible with wood with purples, yellows, and white.

(SamaN 114 Lime)

SamaN stains are easy to apply and make DIY simple by cutting standard production time in-half. Our water-based wood stain blends easily and dries quickly - in as little as thirty minutes. SamaN products are also great for the environment, as their low-VOC level is significantly less harmful to the planet.

(SamaN 100 Rasberry)

So break free of what you consider achievable with the help of SamaN. Go with the grain and make your wood pop by staining with all the colors of nature.