The Colors of Autumn and Winter

The holiday season is upon us. Some of the best memories are made in autumn and winter. Memories of family trips to hike, camp and enjoy the bright scarlet, amber, and gold fiery foliage. Setting the table with relatives that traveled across the country to enjoy golden turkey, crimson cranberry sauce and sweet cinnamon apples. Sledding down the hill through the crisp bright white snow narrowly missing the evergreen pines scattered among the horizon. Studies show that color and emotion are tightly linked. However, most of us don’t need science to tell us that autumn and winter evoke a feeling of comfort, togetherness, and warmth in the middle of dropping temperatures.


Your next project can bring these same emotions into your home or crafts. That’s why in the spirit of autumn and winter, we’ve matched a few of our stain colors with the upcoming seasons.




Autumn is majestic. A season filled with warm hues, low temperatures, and special occasions. This spectacular time is filled with stunning views you'd only believe if you saw in person. Reds, yellows, browns, and oranges fill our sight as it slowly encompasses our landscape. Incredibly, each year changing leaves bring in around $3 billion to the New England region!

The season's warm colors give DIYers the perfect chance to enhance their wood project to reflect the season's beauty. Here are a few of our favorite stain colors for Autumn.




You know when winter hits. A gray sky shows up first. Followed closely by a bitter cold that urges us to seek shelter indoors. Shortly after, the ground disappears under a blanket of white snow. While outside is bleak, inside we transform our homes with bright, vivid colors. These colors help express the joyous season while accentuating its natural effects. Though temperatures are at their lowest, the earth is actually closer to the Sun during the winter months.


Although it may be too cold to get out and take in the beauty of the season, we wanted to bring the beauty indoors. Check out our stain colors designed to transform any wood project into a winter wonder.





As the seasons unfold, be sure you get out and take the opportunity to view the beautiful, changing colors. You can find these stains and more on our website, a store near you, or on Amazon!