Classical inspiration : a sophisticated harmony

18 / 09 / 2019

The refinement, luxury and the elegance of lavender

The classic style is timeless and is inspired by organic elements or the representation of nature.  The purplish hues of the lavender are,  among other things,  part of the style’s inspiration permitting the declination of color in several shades.  Rather sophisticated and orderly the classical inspirations represent noble and detailed elements in a delicate marriage of shades from the same color.  The enhancement of the wood’s nature is at the heart of the classical style.

Noble furniture

We often find solid wood furniture in a classical decor.  Created from meticulous and precise workmanship these pieces have exceptional details.  Therefore,  it is essential to protect your furniture and keep it looking flawless.

High Gloss Floor

Hardwood floors are often honored in the classical style. Once again,  is it necessary to preserve the brightness of these fragile surfaces.  Choose the risk free Aquashine products for regular maintenance that will not alter your floors.