Contemporary inspiration : A modern and harmonious design

18 / 09 / 2019

A touch of radiance and vividness for a radiant existence

The contemporary style is current and can vary depending on the latest trends.  It proposes refined and sophisticated elements.  Like the Lily,  the contemporary décor presents pure and elegant materials with an emphasis on one or more bright colors.  The natural or original elements are highlighted to offer an amazing charm.  The contemporary style woodwork offers current and integrated style to the décor.

Colorful stains

The contemporary style uses the wood’s texture to offer a bright,  simple style that matches the décor.  The dark or colorful stains are often used to give a surprisingly harmonious tone and ambiance.

Tone enhancement

In the contemporary style,  it is permitted to accentuate the wood’s nature,  either by highlighting the knots and lines or by enhancing the pigmentation of the color.  SamaN stains and varnishes are ideal for both types of enhancements.