Country inspiration : The simplicity of a wheat field

24 / 07 / 2019

Graceful and luminous with the warmth of a wheat field

The country style offers a decor that combines several organic materials to create a charming and ornate atmosphere. Wheat is a wonderful inspiration for this style, as it highlights a bright color. In addition to using the yellowish accent of the sun’s rays, wheat offers natural grass accents. Often, the style reflects an image of wood with traces of wear and life. The barn wood may be a nice addition to your decor as it recalls the fields and the countryside.

Barn wood look

Thanks to SamaN finishing products, you can reproduce the barn wood look to perfection. You only have to create tarnished and disparate wood effects giving the impression of a wood weathered by time.

Antique furniture

Why not give an old aged look to your furniture?  By creating an illusion of wear and yellowing it will give them an antique look.  Remember to protect your furniture with our finishes and varnishes.