Rustic inspiration : Trees in their raw state

18 / 09 / 2019

The simplicity of pure wood and the extent of coniferous forests

The rustic decor is primitive, but warm. The dense enclosing forests are an excellent inspiration for creating a rustic style. Focused on natural or raw elements, this trend offers organic textures and a natural finish. Textures are honored in their natural contexts, such as fir branches, wool blankets, concrete or steel elements. Wood is of course one of the classic elements of rustic decor, ideally in their most natural state. Treated with our Nature varnish, you can find the authentic and raw effect of your woodwork.

Highlighting your wooden beams

The structural elements are highlighted in a rustic decor.  Rather than camouflaging them,  they are well exposed giving the effect of a grand forest.  The SamaN finishing oils are ideal for protecting your wood structures while highlighting them.

Patchwork wood representing a wooded area

Patchwork wood gives you’re the impression that several types of trees were used to create your décor.  Having several textures and hues,  the style will offer you all the warmth desired.  Use a variety of SamaN stains and varnishes which will give a hint of character to  your woodwork.