The SamaN difference

A green and innovative company

SamaN is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacturing of finishing and maintenance products for all your woodwork.  For over 20 years now,  the company stands out because of its innovative and environmental vision which offers a majority of water based products made for various DIY projects while being risk free for the users,  pets and the environment.  Our products are distributed in all Canadian provinces and more than 40 US states because of our dedicated sales and distribution team.

Our products are entirely manufactured in Canada. In addition, the company promotes the integration of people with intellectual disabilities or pervasive development disorder into one of its departments.

Superior quality ecological products

Professionals and do-it-yourselfers use the SamaN products because they are easy to use,  durable,  safe,  in addition to their exceptional quality.  Whether it be for renovations,  decorating or a DIY,  you will find the finishing and maintenance products that will enhance the beauty of your project.

Back in 1997 we developed a revolutionary water based stain that has continued to evolve.  We strongly believe in innovation towards more efficient products while maintaining their ecological properties.  Be assured that you will always find natural ingredients that respect the environment in SamaN products.