How to stain wood? A small practical guide

Do you have a plan to revive your precious rocking chair built by your grandfather? Or have you been dreaming for a while about this new Urban Grey color for your cabinets? The wait has lasted long enough! It’s time to take your brushes out and stain those gorgeous pieces of wood. You will be proud to have done it yourself and will enjoy a unique look that will definitely add character to your home!

Staining bare wood furniture

Since bare wood has not yet absorbed any finishing products, you just need to make sure that the surface to be stained is clean. It must be dry and free of all dirt and grease. When it’s done, you can move on to the preparation of the mixture.

Staining previously painted, stained or varnished furniture

In this case, you must completely remove the stain or varnish that covers your wood. It’s essential to reach the bare wood and get rid of all products covering the surface. To do so, you will need a stripper. You will also need protective eyewear, gloves and clothing to cover any exposed skin. For those with respiratory problems, it is recommended to wear a chemical filter mask.

Make it easy on yourself and trust the power of our Ultimate Stripper! It quickly removes up to 5 layers of water-based and oil-based paint, varnish, epoxy and glue. It allows you to get your raw surfaces back in only 15 minutes!

Simply pour a thick coat of the product onto the surface to be stripped and use a ¼ notched trowel to spread it evenly. After allowing the product to work according to the manufacturer’s directions, strip in the direction of the wood grain using a scraper. Rinse off any impurities and repeat these steps if necessary. The time to stain is approaching but, sanding is required first.

Sanding a wooden furniture and preparing the surface

Now that the wood is stripped, the surface must be sanded to eliminate any irregularities, in order for the stain to penetrate your wood evenly. Using a 120 – 150 grit sandpaper, sand following the wood grain until your surface is featureless and free of bumps to the touch.

Preparation of the mixture

It is time to stain! Do you have lots of original color ideas for your makeover projects in mind? That’s just perfect because SamaN offers 40 water-based stain colors that can be mixed in order to create your own perfect tints. The recipes are also easy to make. Simply mix the two colors according to the proportions indicated on the chart, using the graduated container provided in your SamaN Mixing Kit (60-003).

Test the color of the stain

Do you want tremendous results and be proud of it for a long time? Before staining your 35 kitchen cabinets, a small test is necessary. Begin by stirring the stain thoroughly so that the pigments at the bottom of the container blend evenly with the rest of the contents. Then, test in a discreet area as the color shown may vary depending on the sanding and the true color of the wood species used. When you like it, go for it!

Apply the stain onto the wood

The time has come to stain your cherished furniture and cabinetry! SamaN’s water – based stains make it easier for you as they only require one coat for a perfect result. Simply pour a small amount of stain onto the sponge included in the SamaN Application Kit and apply it to the surface. Then wipe off any excess with a soft and clean cloth. That’s it! Now, you just need to let it dry for an hour.

Protect your work with a varnish

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard so far. Staining wood hardly holds any secrets from you anymore. There is only one step remaining to fully protect your furnishings: varnishing. You won’t be short of options as SamaN varnishes are available in 4 finishes: satin, semi-gloss, gloss and matte.

Apply 2 to 3 uniform coats of SamaN water-based or hybrid varnish following the
direction of the wood grain. To do so, use a good quality brush or a 6 mm lint-free roller. Sand between coats with a 220 grit sandpaper. Vacuum up any sandblasting dust and wipe off with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue. Repeat this process between each coat of varnish to be applied.

Enjoy your new colors for many years with a varnish that protects your wood against wear and tear, scratches and damages from constant changing temperatures as well as UV rays.

What a great job! You totally have something to be proud of! So now, what’s the next project?

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